10 Key Steps to Build a Website from Scratch Easily

A good website that serves as strong support for sales is the most important thing you can do to promote your business and increase revenue. It doesn’t matter if your company has had a website for years or whether you’re compiling it for the first time.

Today, the importance of websites in supporting a company’s sales and marketing, or instead as a cornerstone, is understood. Many small business owners want to do things themselves, and even if they have little or no experience making a website, many take an inch.

Below are some tips on how to build a good website. The layout of the website is essential. Equally important, however, are their goals and understanding of the principle that pages are not for you but the users.

1)  Set Goals

First, the most crucial question: why do you want to make a website? Did someone say you have to have one? That’s not a good reason. Before you get started, you need to know why you want a website. A site that has no goal is a site without real direction. Decide whether you will be using a website builder or going for custom development.

2)  Know Your Customers

A good website is not for you. Before you take action, you need to know your customers and what they need. Why? Because the site is not for you, your product, your book, or your other accomplishments. Your website is for your customers and a tool for you to do things for them.

3)  Target The Speech to The Customer

A good website doesn’t start with a presentation of yourself or your business. How often do you use phrases on your site containing the words “I” or “we”? If you do like it most, this will be a lot on your pages. You have to give a shoe to this style of speech. Or at least use these expressions very sparingly.

4)  Take Control of The Word

A site’s text is often given too little attention, even though it is a critical part of the whole from the customer’s perspective. An author or business leader may not find compelling word choices to get a customer to shop. Your site should also have keywords that are relevant to your business.

5)  Write A Newsletter

Today, it’s not enough for your business to have a lot of followers on social media. Some change all the time. Facebook is good, but for the most part, paid option. If you don’t invest financially in Facebook advertising, your updates aren’t likely to appear consistently in your followers’ news. A newsletter is a great option to grow your business and your site’s readership.

6)  Give A Gift

Think about what you could give in return for getting someone’s email address on your newsletter mailing list. If someone wants to provide their address, you should give them a good reason. Before, for example, a copy of his book could be read for free on the author’s website, but today customers expect more.

7)  Build Trust

Would you buy anything from someone you don’t trust? Most would probably answer in the negative. Still, you often see websites that don’t share any experiences with your products or services. In a few words, tell us what your customers have said about your services or products. Add some links to your site and invite them to join the thousands of other fans on Facebook.

8)  Shoot Videos

Good websites contain videos. Studies show that when one avid user talks about a product, service, or person, it wins over many other marketing methods. For this, the video is a great choice.

9)  Keep A Blog

Good websites include a blog. How do you double or triple visitors to your site? Keep a blog and promise your visitors a more comprehensive, detailed version of exciting topics. Use user friendly templates of website design.

10)                 Call To Action

A good website directs you to action. For a website to be an effective, profitable sales tool, you need call-to-action butts for your site. You should have several different hooks to get more visitors. Here are the most popular phrases:


  • Contact Us
  • Learn More
  • Call Now!
  • Answer our survey
  • Request a consultation
  • Click here
  • Apply now!
  • Ask an expert


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