Why Social media apps are important

You may not know it, but social media networks and the many apps that are now available play a vital role in your life. But why are they so important, you might wonder? The internet has drastically altered how individuals communicate with one another and significantly impacted their work culture. These developments initially occur on social media platforms, so app-specific social networks are crucial. Social media offers enormous potential for improving people’s relationships with their family and friends. These changes in social networking sites have increased the importance of apps. Build a social media app using any no-code platform like Builder.ai.

The internet has contributed to a dramatic transition in our culture. We’ve seen the advent of online shopping and a better-connected network of people. This latter aspect is crucial because, according to some estimates, roughly half of the global population uses social media platforms.

A brief history of social media apps

The World Wide Web went online on August 6, 1991, and has since expanded to affect almost every aspect of our lives. As of April 1, 2020, around 4.57 billion people use the internet, with approximately 3.81 billion utilizing social media. But what is social media really, and when did it become popular?

What is the definition of social media?

Social media apps are social forums that enable people to generate, spread and interact with streams of data. In the meanwhile, the social media networks enable you all to socialize as well.  

Today’s status

Although many early social media sites are no longer active, a few have grown to enormous proportions via apps. Social media has been omnipresent since the introduction of the first genuine applications in 2008 and the advent of smartphones and mobile internet. The way we use many social media apps has also changed significantly. They’ve evolved into much more than just a way to stay in touch. Businesses use LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram for marketing efforts, news outlets use them to keep people informed, and companies use them to find new personnel, as we’ll see. Having digital abilities on social media is necessary in today’s world.

It’s not always an easy issue to answer because there are multiple ways to assess the effectiveness of different platforms. We could, for example, look at revenue, user numbers, facts and figures how much used the platforms are. Furthermore, what should be the success defining criteria in this respect? Despite its popularity in the West, Mainland China has banned YouTube since 2009. WeChat, for example, has over 1 billion users in Asia but hardly registers in the United Kingdom. Let us cover the essential advantages of social media sites for the apps.

Benefits of social media sites for your app

You should be aware of some benefits of investing in social networks for your app. Take a look:


It is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after characteristics today, and as a business, you may cultivate loyalty through social media. When your app participates in a social media exchange, such as by creating a fan page, you are building an interactive channel for your client where he may engage with your firm at any time, exposing his ideas and complaints. Your clients will grow more loyal to your app’s product and service as the trust developed in this relationship becomes more concrete and tangible.

Brand recognition

Your brand will undoubtedly become more well-known worldwide due to your marketing strategy’s utilization of social media. Because the internet is a global platform with no geographical boundaries, your app can reach a new audience and, as a result, increase your business.

Increase in downloads

The number of downloads will almost surely increase if you develop a practical approach that improves your company’s visibility. However, it is essential to note that the results do not come instantly; first, you must create a relationship with your clientele.

One can quickly build a social media app using Builder.ai or other app development platforms.

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