Holistic Medicine: Dr. Juli Mazi Discusses The Importance Of Natural Remedies

Many cultures have enjoyed using natural remedies to rectify and prevent disease since ancient times. Some Western nations are hesitant to use natural remedies, instead choosing pharmaceutical methods. Dr. Juli Mazi shares why holistic methods still make sense—and how they can be used alone or in conjunction with Western medicine.  This integrative approach is synergistic and very effective.

Why Have Natural Remedies Stood Up Against The Test Of Time?

Dr. Juli Mazi explains that there’s a reason natural remedies have stood the test of time, and why she’s proud to use holistic treatments to help her patients overcome health problems.

Natural remedies have been used for centuries, explains Dr. Mazi, because they work. Ineffective treatments don’t stand the test of time.  Today, more and more people are becoming aware of the negative effects of long-term pharmaceutical drug use, and are curious about learning how natural remedies and products can support their health in a safer, more sustainable way.

How The Internet Has Affected Natural Remedy Use, According To Dr. Juli Mazi

Dr. Mazi says that the internet has been a double-edged sword for teaching people about natural medicine. While the internet allows people to learn more about natural remedies they may not have encountered otherwise, it’s also full of misinformation that can be ineffective at best, and dangerous at worst.  Quality, bioavailability, and dosage are important for effectiveness with all forms of medicine, and many articles on the internet do not address these factors.

Healthcare Costs and Natural Medicine

Dr. Mazi also says that the ever-increasing cost of healthcare is a reason many Americans are turning to natural healing methods instead of using traditional Western medicine.

Some people who are happy to turn to pharmaceutical treatments for illness are now struggling to afford doctor visits and medication, according to Dr. Mazi. Out of financial necessity, many people are trying natural remedies for illnesses (especially chronic, non-life-threatening conditions) before making a call to their conventional, primary care doctor.

An Effective Alternative

According to Dr. Juli Mazi, many people who try natural remedies for the first time are surprised to find that the treatments are safe and effective. Dr. Mazi uses a popular practice known as integrative medicine, which combines aspects of traditional, holistic care with the scientific advances of Western medicine.

Many patients enjoy incorporating both ancient remedies and cutting edge advances into their healthcare treatment plan.  Dr. Mazi helps people find the root causes of their symptoms and disease.  By treating the causes with an integrative approach, she helps people feel their best.


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