The Top Most Common Surgeries Performed in The US

Simply put, people run into surgeries for a lot of reasons. Sometimes, the idea is to get rid of pain, and other forms are done to treat a disease. Very often, surgeons will look into a problem themselves, so they can help a patient improve the quality of their life. In this feature, we will shed light on the most common forms of surgeries performed in the US:

  • Mole Removal

For your information, a mole grows naturally on the skin. As a result, people undergo mole checks, so doctors know how to treat them. Mole removal is costly, and thus, not everyone can afford it. Mole removal has emerged as the need of the hour because a lot of people want their skin to be clear. Having a few moles is alright, but having them sprayed naturally on the bed on various parts will be a big problem. Mole removal has become a staunch part of popular culture. 

  • C-Section

Although it sounds weird, the c-section operation has become the need of the hour. Around 1.3 million pregnant women in the US have their babies pop out with a c-section. Sometimes, pregnancy complications result in women undergoing a c-section for the baby to be safely delivered. Or, a problem might arise as a result of delivery. The c-section is usually performed when the position of the baby in the placenta isn’t in the right manner. 

  • Circumcision

Doctors perform circumcision on newborn babies every year. Boys have to undergo it, as it removes the extra skin from their penis. It is highly beneficial for the boys, so their skin can remain protected from various infections and issues. Most uncut boys have a high risk of getting exposed to cancer as a result of this extra skin. Most newborns have to undergo this surgery due to social and religious reasons. Penic cancer is one of the most popular health conditions amongst the current generation, so it is best to treat it timely. 

  • Spine Surgery

Because of incorrect posture, a work, spine surgery has gained massive popularity in the US alone. Especially if an individual is going through a major spinal issue, spine surgery will help them correct it. Spine surgery is essential. Otherwise, getting stuck with a major back issue will be an all-time high. Spinal surgeries have gained popularity in the US and continue to be rage to this very minute. Thanks to professional doctors, people with spinal issues can have a good quality of life again. 

  • Angioplasty

Also known as PCI, it is a procedure that is open to treating coronary artery disease that is clogged with plaque. These arteries are responsible for supplying blood to the heart muscles. For your information, as much as half a million angioplasty operations are performed every year. If left untreated, the heart issue will result in major chest pain, and the chances of a heart attack will be all-time high. Thanks to surgeons who can understand the importance of angioplasty.

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