10 Things You Should Not Do When Stressed

At some point in our lives, we all experience stress. Nobody lives a stress-free life; however, not confronting stress is not a solution too. You can run away from stress all your life, or you can learn how to deal with it—knowing exactly what works and what doesn’t will help you prevent it.


Habits That Make Stress Even Worse

It is clear that stress has been a serious problem at all times, and therefore people have been looking for ways to deal with it. Today, with extensive research, we can clearly say what works and what does not. So in this article, we will discuss the measures that will only worsen your condition.


1.     Hitting A Punching Bag

Blowing off steam by hitting the punching bag and imagining the offender in its place is a popular idea, but it is not a good way. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that people who try to deal with negative emotions and stress by waving their fists end up with no relief. On the contrary, they end the fight with a higher level of excitement and aggression than they started. Thus, if you think punching something will help you out, drop this idea right away.


2.     Replying An Email

When we are stressed, we usually react impulsively, relying on the feelings of anxiety, fear, or frustration that we feel. Thus, in such a condition, we may respond to messages in a mean way. Therefore, checking email or communicating with colleagues is more of a contraindication than a way to deal with stress. But if you have to do work, take three deep breaths before you do anything.


3.     Drinking Alcohol

It is normal to see how people run into a bar after work and treat stress with a portion of alcohol in films. But this is a bad example! According to a 2011 study led by Emma Childs, PhD, MD, drinking alcohol during high emotional times increases cravings for alcohol and also increases its intoxicating effect. Thus, the problems are not solved but only exacerbated.

Moreover, if a person develops a dependency on alcohol, it may even lead to severe health consequences. In such a condition, only professional assistance can be of help. So if you are a resident of California (CA) and struggling with alcohol addiction, you can find several rehab facilities in Orange County, CA, for help. This will help you give up addiction in a safe manner.


4.     Working To The Point Of Exhaustion

If stressful situations catch up at home, many people run away from them to work. But according to experts, working to the point of exhaustion does not benefit either the individual or their employer. And for a person experiencing stress, it also becomes a threat to his health and productivity. A little break is what you really need instead of exhausting yourself.

5.     Not Drinking Coffee

Coffee is the most popular drink in the office. But it affects stressed women and men differently. A study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that women who drink caffeinated beverages when they are stressed become more social and better at group tasks.

At the same time, productivity suffers significantly for men. Thus, caffeine consumption does nothing to alleviate the symptoms of stress, but it can help women make the most of the situation. So disregard the idea that drinking coffee will worsen your condition.


6.     Immersing Oneself In The Hustle And Bustle Of The City

Walking the city streets is a good distraction and can help you deal with stress. But they also have a negative impact on health. According to a study published by Environmental Health Perspectives, harmful particles present in urban air adversely affect human breathing and increase inflammation in the body. These two markers do not allow the body to deal with stress effectively. So if you live in a busy city, moving around is not a good idea to deal with the stress.


7.     Treating Yourself with Dessert

Sweet foods cause a sharp jump in blood glucose levels and its same rapid decline. This entails a drop in the level of serotonin – the hormone of joy. According to experts, instead of eating a cookie or a candy bar, snack on protein. This decision is also supported by the fact that many people suffer from emotional overeating, which, in turn, further exacerbates stress.


8.     Doing A Deep Clean

For older men, this advice can be fatal. A study published in the journal Experimental Gerontology found that doing extra chores while stressed increased the risk of death in men over 65 by a record 63%. This means that cleaning may help you relax; however, if you plan to go for a deep clean, it may not be a good idea.


9.     Not Getting Enough Sleep

Falling asleep at a time when all thoughts are exclusively about problems is incredibly difficult. But you still need to try to do it. Getting less than 8 hours of sleep every night leads to an increase in the stress hormone cortisol, according to researchers.

And if insomnia lasts more than two months, you can already talk about it as a separate disease that requires cognitive behavioral therapy. This means that you need to get enough sleep no matter how stressed you are to deal with stress.


Take Away

Avoiding stress in the realities of modern life is almost impossible. At the same time, it is a big mistake to think that you cannot cope with it on your own. In this question, the most important thing is your attitude to what you experience. Do you want the stress to end, or do you enjoy suffering? So if we want to get rid of stress, avoid making the above mistakes which will only worsen your condition.



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