Signs of an abusive relationship

Abuse is also a spectrum; it may be physical or emotional in nature. The former is an abusive relationship easy to identify, however, it may also take various shapes and forms. 

Your partner might hit you, or subject you to physical pain. A less commonly identified source is sexual abuse. Your partner might force you into having sex or having it in positions that you are not comfortable with. It is also a form of rape, as your consent is not involved. 

There is also emotional abuse, which is less easy to identify. It puts the physical and mental health, both, in peril. 

People suffering from abuse then require treatment from the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore, such as the extent of damage sustained. 

Signs of emotional abuse

It is vital to recognize the signs of emotional abuse so that you are able to get out of the relationship before your mental health is jeopardized. Signs to watch out for include:

Controlling behavior 

Each and every one of us is a free human being, and not puppets of one another. When your partner tries to control your behavior, they are encroaching on your basic right. They are depriving you of your liberty and autonomy. 

Another sign of emotional abuse is when you try to follow your own heart and don’t listen to their cues, they get angry and might also then lash out. 

Erode at your self-worth 

Another tactic employed by abusive relationship an emotional abuser is reducing the self-worth of their partner. They do so to diminish the trust they have in themselves, and so that your state of mind remains fragile. By doing so, they make it easier for them to control you. 

They may try to make you feel as if you cannot do anything properly and you cannot function without them. Their remarks leave you in a constant state of shame and confusion.  

Hamper your growth 

An abuser does not want to see you flourishing and growing, especially financially. One way to control the abused is by controlling their finances; people, when they do not see opportunities otherwise, are then forced into staying in the relationship. 

They thus try to control your employment opportunities and job then. They might try to embarrass you at your work so that your growth is hampered. 

Instill fear in you

In an abusive relationship, your partner also might employ fear tactics so that you are in constant fear of their anger. You then go to any lengths to appease them. In any situation, their anger is completely justified, and they shift the blame on the partner for enraging them. 

Isolate you 

Just like a predator isolates the prey to make it easier for them to attack, an abuser also isolates you first. Their aim is to cut at your support so that you remain vulnerable to their abuse. 

It may involve putting restrictions on your mobility. They may also use sneaky ways to isolate you; some might do so at the pretext of love and the fact they cannot live without you, others may say bad things about your friends and family so that you yourself are not comfortable talking with them in an abusive relationship. 


Gaslighting is a very dangerous technique employed by people who emotionally abuse you. They create doubts in your mind about your own version of reality, so you do not even trust yourself. 

Such mind games are extremely dangerous and can also shake your own sense of self. When you start doubting your mind, you become vulnerable to abuse, since your partner can easily rebut your version of the event. 

Gaslighting may also leave a lasting mark on your mind. If you suspect that you are being gaslighted, not only is it vital that you immediately leave the relationship, but you should also get help from the Best Psychiatrist in Karachi to heal and get better. 

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