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Get an Edge by Leveraging Social Media Listening

Social media, for many people, provides. A way to gain insight into what their peers are thinking. How they’re feeling, and what behaviors they are displaying. If you can tap into your audience’s thoughts on social media. You can gain a more complete picture of your market and how best to reach them.

Social media listening is a way for everyone from marketing strategists, to PR professionals, to business owners. Keep an ear on the ground of what real people are saying about their brand or industry.

Social Media Monitoring vs. Social Media Listening

Social media monitoring and social media listening may sound like. The same thing, but there are substantial differences between these two practices. Social media listening refers to analyzing data that has been gathered. Social channels in order to understand how people feel about a brand or product. On the other hand, Social media monitoring refers to tracking mentions of a specific topic across. All channels in order to keep up-to-date with what’s being said online. In most cases, this means monitoring keywords or hashtags associated with your business or company.

Why Listen? What Does It Do for Me?

All companies have goals they hope to achieve by using social media. Whether it’s selling more products, enhancing customer service, or simply building brand awareness. A social media listening program allows you to determine. Which of your goals you’re actually achieving (or not) by measuring two things. How often people are mentioning your company online and what they’re saying.

By analyzing this data, companies can learn more about their target audience. What is important to them, creating key insights that inform business decisions. Plus, with the right tools in place, you can acquire valuable information like sentiment analysis (whether someone is talking positively. Negatively about your product/brand) as well as the actual words. Used in conversations surrounding a certain topic or event.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

In order for a media listening initiative to be successful. It needs to be supported by an analytical platform that can gather real-time data from the social web. The right listening solution will also support advanced analytics, flexible alerting options. Custom reporting so you can measure your. Brand’s performance against key business metrics.

NetbaseQuid, a California-based social media analytics company. Has Introduced a new product that provides business intelligence designed to improve customer service. NetbaseQuid’s Social Business Intelligence Dashboard allows businesses to track what customers. Saying about their brand across multiple social networks and in real-time. The dashboard also aggregates consumer sentiment data. Offering business intelligence that allows companies to make proactive customer service decisions.

What Should I Be Listening For? 

The best analytics tools will allow you to set up alerts. Around keywords related to your company (e.g., “Ford”) as well as industry terms (e.g., “SUV”). These keywords along with phrases that indicate sentiment can then be analyzed against each other. Compared to broader industry conversations for context. More insight into what customers care about most at any given time. This information not only allows companies to improve their overall social media strategy. To maximize their interactions with customers based on the conversation they’re having.

What Are Some Best Practices?

Listening posts should focus. Asking questions rather than sharing facts or opinions. This is because people are more likely to respond to questions. Which they then see as an invitation to join the conversation. Since many people don’t know about the concept of social media monitoring. It may take weeks/months before your target audience starts mentioning your company online. That means you need to be patient if no mentions are. Found during the first few months of a program.

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