Nutrition Hacks That Will Help You Sleep Better

There are some food hacks that work well for you to catch those extra sizes for you. Many people commonly face difficulty in managing sound sleep. Insomnia is quite common among people of different age groups. Due to it, a person might keep tossing and turning around with failed attempts to fall asleep. Nutrition 

There is a lot of scientific evidence that suggests that lack of sleep can profoundly increase the risk factor for some serious health problems. A minimum of eight hours of sleep is required by a healthy adult, but how to manage it? There could be a number of possible reasons behind sleep issues, including lifestyle and nutritional habits.

Food Hacks For Better Sleep

Sometimes it is our eating habits to blame for sleeping difficulties. Diet is one of the major culprits behind sleep problems. Does changing some eating habits help us sleep better? The answer is certainly yes! Here are some tips that one can follow in order to help himself to sleep better.

  • Avoid Bedtime Smoking

Smoking is the source of some strong chemicals. One such chemical is nicotine which is a strong stimulant. Nicotine increases brain activity and makes it more alert. As a result, it becomes hard to sleep. Smoking before bedtime will increase your chance of facing sleep difficulties. Switching to less harmful means of smoking is a useful hack that might work well for you. Vaping is similar to smoking, and it offers fewer chemicals to the body as compared to traditional cigarettes. Besides, it is more fun than cigarettes, especially when you use sub-ohm devices and make large vape clouds. 

You can buy vape e-liquid with minimal nicotine and get the same pleasure as smoking to resolve your sleeping problem. So buy an affordable £1 liquid and enjoy the experience. You can also try sub one pound E liquid that works especially with sub-ohm devices. 

  • Say Goodbye To Late Night Wine

When you aim for sound sleep, then it is not the right idea to wrap up your day with two or more drinks of wine. Alcoholic beverages make it hard to get into a deep sleep. You are more likely to deal with muscle cramps after alcohol intake. 

The urge to urinate can become more than usual. All these factors can certainly make it difficult to secure healthy sleep. Thus it is not a good idea to drink alcoholic beverages such as wine right before bedtime.

  • Eat Some Kiwi

Kiwi is amongst the list of tropical fruits that also help with sleep. It is not a bad idea to snack on some kiwis before going to bed. Kiwis can regulate the brain’s relaxing hormone serotonin and thus assist the brain in falling asleep. In addition, the high antioxidants level in this fruit helps to reduce inflammation in the body and eases sleep.

Studies have found that consuming two kiwis before bedtime makes a person fall asleep more quickly as compared to the usual routine. Thus it is worthy to munch on kiwis for the sake of efficient sleep. This is one of the simplest yet effective sleep remedies to follow.

  • Don’t Go Light On Turkey

Having a family dinner is the most fun time one could possibly have. Usually, family dinners are served with turkey. Turkeys are not just delicious means to fulfill your appetite, but it also helps to secure good sleep. Tryptophan, a nutrient found in turkey, stimulates serotonin in the brain and thus promotes sleep. If you face sleeping difficulty, then do not go light on turkey.

  • Save Coffee And Soda For Morning

Bedtime is certainly not an ideal time to have coffee and soda. Both beverages have stimulants that make the brain alert. With increased brain alertness and activity, it becomes troublesome to fall asleep. 

Therefore, it is better to avoid these drinks before bedtime. Make sure to have such drinks either in the morning or afternoon. Having these at night can make it difficult to fall asleep.

  • Toss Some Tarragon On Food

Tarragon is a herb native to Europe and North America. This herb is extensively used as a topping on many dishes. This herb is also an essential constituent of many sauces. Studies show that having tarragon can bring sedative effects and thus enables a person to sleep. Hence, tossing up tarragon on your dinner can really work for you in order to manage sleep.   

  • Fill Up On Whole Grains

Whole grains in many ways promote sleep. In addition to keeping you fuller for the whole night, whole grains are rich sources of magnesium. Magnesium has a relaxing effect on muscles, and thus it assists in managing sleep. When planning for a nutritious dinner does not forget to add whole grains as a part of your dinner as it can really help you with sleep.

  • Have A Bedtime Smoothie

A bedtime smoothie made with the right ingredients can help you fall asleep. Try to add fruits such as bananas or cherries in combination with almond milk. Milk is a rich source of calcium. Calcium, in addition to potassium found in bananas, helps to relax and soothe muscles. 

Calcium also helps to convert nutrients such as melatonin found in cherries to serotonin. Serotonin has a relaxing and sedative influence over the brain that also helps with sleep.

  • Say No To Tomatoes

Tomatoes are acidic, and generally, these go well with many dinner dishes. Plenty of tomatoes are used to make red sauces that go along well with pasta and other foods. It is better to avoid tomatoes before bedtime. 

Tomatoes have a great tendency to irritate the digestive lining and cause heartburn. The discomfort, irritation, and pain associated with heartburn can make it hard to sleep. Thus to have quality sleep, it is better to avoid food rich in tomatoes.

Take Away

Food can interfere and disturb the normal sleep cycle. It is thus essential to learn about foods that can possibly disturb sleep. Avoid such foods and take more of foods that have a relaxing influence over the mind and body. Eating more sleep-friendly food will not assist in securing sleep, but it will also help to improve sleep quality. 


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