NewGamePad – Best Emulator for iPhone and iPad

NewGamePad – Best Emulator for iPhone and iPa

NewGamePad is the latest emulator with multi-platform support. Are you looking to play console games on your iPhone? Than the best ways to do that is to download a game console-emulator app called NewGamePad which offer support for many different retro gaming consoles. With its streamlined design, you can even downlode each game right from the app and start them without even choosing which console to use.

NewGamePad is an Emulator for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch users and you can download it from Panda Helper

So, here I came with a new multi-platfprm emulator that lets you play your favorite games on your iOS devices.

One of the easy way to download the NewGamepad app, is by simply downloading an external app installer called TweakBox.

It is a 3rd-party iOS app installer that offers tons of 3rd-party apps, games, and emulators,that is all for free. Than tap the download button below for direct downlode.

Using the linked guide, download TweakBox onto your iPhone or iPad than open TweakBox app and search for NewGamePad.

There will be several results, choose whichever result has the same iOS version as yours.

Click on the Install button and NewGamePad will be installed automatically on your device.

 Go to Settings than General and then Profiles, find the application you installed and tap on it to trust the app. Now launch the application after trusting and it will work on your iOS device.

Now, go to search and find your favourite games and download them to NewGamePad Emulator to play on your iPhone or iPad. I really enjoyed playing all the games using this Emulator brings you many memories while playing all the crazy childhood games.


How to fix NewGamePad Untrusted Developer Error:-

When you first install and use an iOS emulator, Apple won’t let you do it unless you trust the developer. They will show you the Untrusted Developer error but this can be got around in a couple of easy steps:-

First, open the Settings app and go to General than Device Management. The app that you tried to run will be listed here. Tap it, and tap the trust the app and then return to your home screen. Tap the app in the profiles list.

Than close down Settings and go back to the emulator app; the error will be gone.


Supported Consoles:-

NewGamePad has the broadest level of console support out of all the emulator apps. The following console games are supported by many features such as:-




Now, how to Download ROMs on NewGamePad:-

By the time you get here, you should have NewGamePad already installed on your device – if not, go get it now. Once the emulator has been installed on your device, you will want to download gaming ROMs to play. So, let’s see how you do that:-


1] Launch the NewGamePad emulator on your device [ iPhone or iPad]. Go to the top right corner and click Search option.

2] Type the name of the game you want on the search bar.

3] Tap on your game from the results and click Download button.

4] Click Save and you can finally launch the game once your ROM has downloaded in your device.


Now how to run ROMs On NewGamePad:-

1] Launch the ROM you want to play- Click More- Tap on the Copy option to NewGamePad from the options on the screen.

2] Your ROM is included in the emulator; now just tap to launch it.

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