Twitter as a tool for music promotion

Twitter is arguably one of the most powerful social media. Millions of users and hundreds of millions of twits a day is an impressive result. That makes Twitter a great platform for promoting your music. In this article, brought to you by, we will examine five ways to promote your music on this platform.


Any social media has its own rules and algorithms. Knowing them you will significantly increase your following. So the first tip is


1. Get into trends

Getting your topic trending can bring more audience to your account. It is tricky to get your topic trending because of the algorithm. It takes into account many factors. In other words, if you want your topic to get into trends a lot of people have to talk about it in a short space of time. Your topic has to be interesting. Come up with a relatable, memorable hashtag and use it in tweets concerning the topic. The topic will get trending when a lot of followers use your hashtag simultaneously, so ask your fanbase to use a specific hashtag if you are planning to release a new album or mv. Determine your target audience, and don’t reach out to people who are not into your style of music. You also have to be consistent. You can’t post three times one day and nothing the next day. Remember to show your personality in the tweets. People love to see  human touch behind the text.


2. Promote it

If you notice that your tweet starts to gain some weight, you can accelerate its growth by promoting it, or in other words, you can pay for the promotion. Paid tweets appear on different pages of the platform. To promote your tweet, you should first of all choose the one you want to target, then click ‘promote this tweet’, choose where you want to place it, choose the budget and confirm.


3. Connect with your audience

Connecting with your fans is good for marketing, but it is even better for making meaningful memories with your fans. Remember that fans are crucial people in the life of an artist, and take time to talk to your fans and thank them for their support.


4. Include exclusive content

If Twitter is the social media of your choice, then we recommend, that you leave some information exclusive to this platform. You can post sneak peeks or release dates of your tour on there to get the conversation going. Keep your account up to date with your creative life. You can also have giveaways and contests for your followers.


5. Talk about your Twitter account

Always mention your account when you are doing interviews, and always include your account name in any promotional materials like flyers or posters. It’s advisable to keep your Twitter account up to date, but you should remember that the final goal is to drive your followers to your website or any other place where you sell your music and concert tickets. So leave the link to your shop in your tweets, but don’t be annoying, it puts people off.


So, there you have it, five tips to promote your misc on Twitter. We hope that you found something interesting and helpful.



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