Why Having A Emergency Dentist Is Important

There are times when we need to visit the Emergency dentist for a check-up every 6 months, or for treatment. However, there might come a time when you need emergency dental service. This could be due to facial trauma or a gum infection, which can be extremely painful. In cases like this, having an emergency dentist on your side is important. Dental clinics are not open 24/7 but there are some practices that put aside appointment slots during the day for emergency cases. 

Here are a few scenarios that would likely require emergency dental treatment.

  • Losing a Tooth – This could be the result of a car accident or a sporting injury, or a bad fall. Should you lose a tooth, try to find it and put the tooth in a small container filled with milk. You could try to re-seat the tooth and rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash. Of course, make an appointment with an emergency dentist Gold Coast or your local area has as soon as you can.
  • Broken Tooth – It is possible to break off a section of tooth, which could be due to facial trauma or a sporting collision and should this ever happen, you need to get to a dentist as quickly as possible. Treatment options include fixing a piece of composite material, a crown or even a dental implant. The break could be painful if the nerves are exposed and you might need some pain medication. At least until you get to the dental surgery.
  • Denture Issues – Whether the dog got your dentures or you dropped them on the bathroom floor, acrylic is very brittle. However, you don’t have to worry that much as an emergency dentist can help repair or replace your dentures.
  • Swollen Gums – An abscess on the gums is very painful and is usually due to a gum infection. If you don’t seek out emergency treatment, the abscess will get worse over time. Dentists recommend immediate treatment in order to discover the cause of the swelling, which might lead to tooth extraction.
  • Tooth Discolouration – A sudden change in colour of a tooth might be a sign that you have an infection, or indeed, any sudden change in your oral health, especially if accompanied by pain. 

Pain Relief

Prior to seeing the dentist, you can get some over-the-counter pain medication from your local pharmacy. When you are with the dentist, tell him or her that you are in considerable pain and the medical professional will prescribe pain-killing medication.

Online Solutions

If you would like to source an emergency dental clinic in your area, start with a Google search and store the emergency dentist’s number in your smartphone for future reference. Many dental clinics keep back a few appointment slots for emergency cases, although you will not find a dentist that is open outside of regular opening hours.

Once you have the number of an emergency dentist in your area, should you ever need emergency dental services. You can call and wait for your appointment slot.

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