7 Ways To Boost Dopamine Level For Better Mental Health

A chemical messenger that is responsible for the regulation of feeling of pleasure when engaged in different types of behavior. It is also associated with how a person feels and has a great influence over the brain’s ability to think, plan and respond. Feelings such as motivation, good mood, pleasure, and happiness are all the outcomes of this neurotransmitter which acts as a reward system.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is produced in our body and is transferred through nerve cells. It is not only responsible for behavioral outcomes, but it also influences heart rate, kidney function, blood vessels function, lactation, and sleep. With too little and too much dopamine level in the body, a person is more likely to experience many cognitive and physiological health issues.

Dopamine And Mental Health

Dopamine levels have a great influence on a person’s mental health. Both high and low levels of dopamine may give rise to many mental challenges. A low level of dopamine is linked with some serious health conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease. Alcohol and drug abuse certainly increase dopamine produced by the brain, and it also inhibits its natural production by the body.

What Are Causes Of Low Dopamine?

There could be a number of causing factors that could eventually result in low dopamine levels. Let us go through some of these causes

1.    Medical Conditions

The natural level dopamine levels in the body drop low with many mental conditions such as depression, ADHD, Schizophrenia, and Parkinson’s disease. In most cases, such medical conditions can significantly reduce dopamine levels in the body.

2.    Poor Diet

Tyrosine is the amino acid that is utilized to produce dopamine. Poor nutrition also affects the natural ability of the body to produce dopamine, and as a result, the body could experience low levels of dopamine.

3.    Certain Medications

Generally, medications that are used to treat depression and other psychological issues might work by blocking dopamine receptors. This also affects the body’s ability to produce dopamine, and it results in low dopamine levels in the body.

4.    Alcohol And Drug Abuse

The body’s natural ability to produce dopamine declines and deteriorates with alcohol and drug abuse. The addict has to rely on alcohol and drugs to experience pleasure constantly. It can prove devastating to mental health, and they must treat it. In addition to dopamine, the love and support from the loved ones can play a significant role to feel happy and pleased internally.

However, the situation can get even worse if both partners suffer from an addiction problem. Couples in such a case should look for rehab services that support both partners. Based on this need, rehab centers also facilitate addiction treatment for couples in order to help them to live a healthy and normal life.

Natural Ways To Increase Dopamine Levels

There are medications that help to boost the reduced level of dopamine in the body. These medications generally work by producing more dopamine receptors and also by repairing dopamine receptors. In addition to medications, several techniques are also very effective in order to naturally increase dopamine levels.

1.    Get Enough Sleep

Managing a healthy and sound sleep is essential for better cognition and mental health. Sleep deprivation can give rise to serious mental health issues, and it also suppresses naturally occurring dopamine receptors in the body.

As a result, the body of an individual is more likely to experience low dopamine levels. An adult is required to secure a sleep of at least 7-8 hours. Quality sleep helps to sustain better health. People who manage healthy sleep are less likely to get physical and mental health issues.

2.    Maintain A Healthy Diet

Poor nutrition can also cause low dopamine levels. A healthy, nutritious diet is essential and facilitates the body to produce optimal amounts of dopamine in the body. The body needs tyrosine to produce dopamine. Protein-rich diets are generally a great source of these amino acids.

Make sure to take eggs, fish, chicken, and almonds as these are rich sources of Tyrosine. Foods that naturally contain probiotics, such as dairy products, are also very useful in boosting dopamine levels in the body. Even coffee can give a boost to dopamine levels; however, be cautious not completely rely on it as it could lead to a sort of addiction.

3.    Get Some Exercise

Science supports the fact that exercising naturally boosts dopamine levels in the body. If you are experiencing low dopamine levels, a great way to give it a boost is through getting indulged in some sort of physical activity. It is also very helpful in maintaining a good mood, feeling more calm and relaxed. Exercise is a great way to promote mental health.

4.    Meditation

Studies support the role of meditation in order to increase dopamine levels naturally. Meditation is a practice that allows a person to get rid of troubling thoughts and focus on the present. It is a great way to let go of things without judgment and attachment. Yoga and other meditation exercises can help in securing a good mood, promote mental health and also improve dopamine levels.

5.    Get Yourself Supplements

The body needs some minerals and vitamins to produce dopamine efficiently. You can also consider taking supplements in order to get rid of nutrient deficiencies in the body. Supplements will enable your body to produce dopamine naturally. Iron, niacin, and vitamin B6 are essential for the synthesis of dopamine.

6.    Listen To Music

Studies support the role of music in boosting the level of dopamine. This is a great way to increase dopamine levels naturally. You can listen to any type of music that you like. Studies show that listening to music increases brain activity, especially in the area with dopamine receptors. Listening to music can give you pleasure and help you secure a good mood.

Take Away

Dopamine is an essential neurotransmitter that promotes the feeling of pleasure. With low levels of dopamine, a person might find it hard to focus, concentrate and find meaning in things. Look out for the signs of low dopamine levels. There are many useful techniques that can easily be employed in order to boost dopamine levels in the body naturally.


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