Hire Car Accident Lawyer Port St Lucie For Your Rights- 10 Steps Process Of A Car Accident Case

Car accidents are very unpredictable. They happen in a matter of seconds and can turn the life of a person upside down. Regardless of the severity of the injuries, the victim is entitled to pursue the case and get compensated for the physical and emotional damages resulting from the car accident.

However, fighting a lawsuit on your own and dealing with the insurance company, defendant and judge could be highly complicated for anyone, especially when a car accident occurs in cities like Port St Lucie, where the accident laws are very complex. As a result, self-represented individuals screw something up or settle for too little, leaving thousands of dollars they would owe. 

That’s why it’s crucial to hire a car accident lawyer port st lucie. A dedicated car accident attorney in your city has a good understanding of the system. In addition, he exactly knows what to do in your case due to his past car accident cases experience. 

Having such an experienced car accident lawyer by your side provides peace of mind and guarantees that things will be handled properly in order to get a fair or maximum compensation you deserve for the emotional, physical, and financial loss. You might be curious to learn what to do after a car accident. Here are the ten steps guide that you should follow. 

Step# 1 Initial Investigation

After you’ve been a part of any motor vehicle accident, health should be your first priority. If you’re severely injured and require urgently transported to the hospital, call the ambulance. However, if you’re safe and just had minor injuries and can stand up, then conduct some initial investigation and start taking pictures of your injuries and the vehicles.

It’s crucial because police often try to clean up the scene to get the traffic running if the accident happened on the main road. Gathering this evidence could make things significantly easier for your car accident lawyer, port st Lucie. 

Step# 2 Injuries Treatment 

Irrespective of the severity of the injuries, you need to get yourself treated. As some minor injuries can get worse if left untreated for long. Visit a doctor and explain everything.

Make sure to be completely honest with the doctor and refrain from exaggerating. Get a medical certificate from there and start your treatment. This document will be required for claiming the medical dues from the insurance company. 

Step# 3 Filing Claim to Insurance Company

After visiting the doctor and getting the necessary treatment, you should notify your car insurance company about the accident. Delaying it can make it hard for you to recover from the loss. Tell your car insurance company the details of the accident as sometimes, if the other party is at fault, your insurance company seeks the money from the at-fault party’s insurance company. 

The insurance company of the at-fault driver can also contact you to get your written or recorded statement. It might not be in your best interest to provide them with a statement or sign anything. They will even try to get you to accept a small amount to sign a release.

Make sure not to do that. According to the experienced car accident lawyer port st lucie, you should never sign any document or accept any quick money. It’s important to discuss everything with your personal injury or car accident lawyer before you make any move. 

Step# 4 Consultation with Car Accident Lawyer Port St. Lucie

Now is the time to make an appointment with a car accident lawyer. It’s beneficial if your lawyer lives in the same city. You can meet him, ask any questions, and clear any confusion regarding the settlement. The port st Lucie car accident lawyer knows what to do. He’ll start work after discussing things with you. He’ll go out of the way to deal with the investigation, insurance companies, pushing back the defendant, and much more. 

Step# 5 Medical Investigation

After having a meeting with a car accident lawyer, he will conduct a medical investigation. First, he’ll follow up with you to get the updates about medical records and medication bills and submit them to the insurance company. Then, once you’re fully healed, or if you bear any permanent injuries or pain, he’ll get a report of it from the doctor and submit it.

Step# 6 Presenting the Demand for Settlement 

Once you’re stable to proceed with the case, the lawyer submits teh settlement demand to the defendant party on your behalf. Usually, the at-fault party makes the first offer, and your accident lawyer starts the negotiation. 

Step# 7 Settlement or Lawsuit File

After all the negotiation, you receive one final offer from the defendant. Now, it’s in your hands to settle with that amount or not. Remember, you can always ask your lawyer to give your honest advice. In some cases, the insurance adjuster smells that the victim is not ready to file a lawsuit and pushes you to settle for a low amount.

Under this circumstance, an experienced car accident lawyer won’t hold back from going on trial if necessary. That’s why it’s crucial to hire one of the best Port st. lucie car accident lawyers with a history of successful trials and settlements. 

Step# 8 Discovery 

Once you reject that settlement offer, a lawsuit is filed against the defendant by your lawyer, and the case goes into a discovery period. In this period, the law firm you hired would use all its resources to do the interrogatories, collect documents, and even deposition. 

A deposition is an activity when your lawyer asks the question to everyone, like police officers, hospital staff, eyewitnesses, and the at-fault driver in the presence of his lawyer. 

Step# 9 Mediation 

Mediation is a process where a neutral third person(mediator) moves between two separate rooms with both of the parties and tries to resolve the dispute. Though he doesn’t have the paper to make any decision, he can help reach any voluntary settlement. 

Step# 10 Trial and Result 

If the mediation fails, your car accident lawyer will proceed to the trial. After the trial is completed, the results will come out. If you win the trial, the jury will decide the fair money and compensate you for the damages. 

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