How a Young Medical startup helped India ride through The Second Wave of Covid-19

As the country struggled to breathe in the grasp of the 2nd wave of the Coronavirus, many companies came forward to help the country and its people in various ways. Taking the huge surge of COVID-19 cases into account, Smart Medical Buyer, the leading medical equipment & consumables portal for both B2B and B2C in India, stepped up to tackle the situation by delivering various essential medical supplies to your doorsteps. From basic requirements like Mask, Sanitizers, Oximeters, PPE kits to Covid-19 rapid antigen self-test kits, and oxygen concentrators, the organisation supplied the people with many life-saving devices. The organisation further engaged in training its employees to follow all the necessary Covid-related protocols and precautions to ensure 100 percent hygiene and safety. In an attempt to further help the cause, Smart Medical Buyer offered additional discounts on Covid-essential items to make them more affordable for everyone.  Medical startup

Ease of purchase

The demand for various types of medicines and medical devices like oximeters is immensely high. Fortunately, at the beginning of the global spread of the Coronavirus, the management team of Smart Medical Buyer foresaw the huge spike in the demand for various medical supplies like medicines, hand sanitizers, and face masks, etc. that would overwhelm the robust health care system of the country. Hence, their team not only ensured availability of these products in advance, but also worked round the clock to ensure that all orders are managed and processed as smoothly and swiftly as possible. “Every Covid-19 essential was treated as a high priority throughout the pandemic” said Kunal Sood, one of the co-founders of Smart Medical Buyer.


Imported as required

Due to the high demand, there was a huge shortage of many items such as spirometers & especially Oxygen Concentrators. Many essential and life-saving medicines and healthcare supplements were not available in the Indian market. The team understood the gravity of the situation and started working with all hands on deck to make them available as quickly as possible. To meet the demand, they imported various medicines and medical equipment from different countries and processed the orders at breakneck speeds.



Many personalities, entrepreneurs, and even startup collectives came forward to free the nation from the clutches of the ravaging second wave of the Coronavirus. They offered many donations and even logistics support to procure oxygen and other essential items for the people in need. Here too, Smart Medical Buyer made several donations to help the country’s healthcare system overcome the pandemic. It has also assisted campaigns and organisations that provided Covid relief products to the masses. 


Employees struggling with Covid

Since lockdown 2020, work from home has become a norm for many. Although it has its benefits, there are many downsides to this model of working. Working overtime and remotely has led to a number of people feeling lonely and failing to keep up with the stress and pressure of the changing world around us. These factors have led to a serious impact on the mental health of employees. During this time, Smart Medical Buyer took a series of steps to ensure the well-being of its employees through counselling and a virtual well-being portal. They organized seminars and workshops to keep everyone engaged and provide an interactive work environment. 


Smart Medical Buyer is a young medical startup that has helped India overcome the second wave of the Coronavirus significantly. Currently, it is seeking better strategies to deliver all medical devices that will help the country prepare for the third wave and keep the infection under control.

Source By- Smart Medical Buyer Blog

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