Top Cleaning Instructions For Electric Fireplaces

Purchasing an electric fireplace may be a wonderful addition to your house, especially during the winter months. For any room, this is an important source of extra warmth and a beautiful appearance. Imagine a family chatting by the fireplace after Thanksgiving dinner, or children opening Christmas presents, with a fire in the background. It’s like having your movie at home.

For those who want to use a fireplace at home, a linear electric fireplace is not an easy choice. Like firewood, electric fireplaces require maintenance. Well-educated how to clean and maintain linear fireplaces. These simple and quick steps can complete the fireplace.

Disconnect the power to the device:

Before starting, turn off the heater and let the fireplace cool down completely. In addition, please unplug the electric fireplace to prevent it from turning off during cleaning. Burning or heating, so that you can safely clean and maintain the fireplace.

Check all electrical components:

After unplugging the equipment and cooling down, there is one more step to prepare before starting the cleaning process. You should inspect the fireplace and all its electrical components to make sure they are not worn or worn. Cable or connector.

This may cause a fire. Therefore, please make sure that all cables and connectors are in good condition. If the cable is worn or frayed, you can ask a professional to repair or replace the cable.

Stove cleaning:

Now you can start cleaning the fireplace. Let’s start with the heater first. Please use a clean dry cloth to wipe the heater surface. You can also use a soft brush on the vacuum cleaner to clean the outlet of the heater and remove all dust on the heater to ensure trouble-free operation.

Glass cleaning:

Follow the instructions in the fireplace user manual to remove the front glass from the fireplace. After removing, you can clean both sides. Do not use abrasive cleaners. It will scratch the glass and leave unwanted marks. Instead, use a clean, dry cloth to remove dust, and use a damp cloth to remove fingerprints or other stains. Dry the glass with a lint-free cloth to avoid stains, and then you are done.

Internal dust:  

Dust may also collect in the chimney. Use a clean, dry cloth to clean the inside of the fireplace. You can wipe the logs or glass with a cloth to remove dust. In this step, you can replace the glass again following the instructions in the manual.

This way you can enjoy the fireplace again-it’s that simple! This is one of the advantages of linear electric fireplaces. It is very easy to maintain and adds a touch of color to your home. Lack of extensive cleaning of ash. For example, wood-burning fireplaces or gas pipes that require ventilation.



It is as simple as turning off the heater, unplugging the power adapter, and cleaning. In addition, it does not need to be cleaned frequently. Generally, annual cleaning is sufficient to make the fireplace operate efficiently. It only requires minimal maintenance on the fireplace, so you can easily sit back, relax and enjoy.

At Embers Living, have a variety of linear electric fireplaces to suit any room or space you want to update. can provide exactly what you are looking for in a fireplace. These devices are efficient, easy to use, and of course easy to clean and maintain. It is very suitable for adding a fireplace to your house without any trouble.

The goal is to improve your lifestyle, there is nothing better than using a new fireplace at home. not only sell products personally but also use them, install and maintain fireplaces’ mission is to provide quality products and keep customers up to date so that they can fully enjoy them.

You may be considering buying a fireplace, but you are not sure which fireplace is right for you or your house or have questions about how to do it before buying. Contact us immediately and we will help you choose your ideal fireplace. For your home. We are happy to answer your questions or concerns. Prepare for winter now and add a new fireplace to your house with today!


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