Tortoiseshell Nails: 5 Best Tips For Nailing It

Tortoiseshell nails are one of the most popular nail art styles right now. It, like practically every other beauty trend these days, originated on Instagram. Tortoiseshell nail art first appeared as a revolutionary nail art method, but swiftly blossomed into a huge craze and became one of the most requested manicure patterns in manicure salons worldwide.

Tortoiseshell nails stayed at the top over the winter months, which is understandable considering the design’s subdued warm colors. However, even in the summer, the Tortoiseshell manicure is as popular as ever.

Sure, a new season necessitates a new color palette (particularly if spring has come in your area), but the interesting textured pattern and relatively simple nail painting method are what make this manicure so appealing and keep the trend going all year.


Naturally, I had to give it a shot! Was it simple? Not at all!


Instagram tutorials make things appear so simple and quick. On the other hand, tortoiseshell nails need a certain level of ability and expertise to get that amazing glossy Tortoiseshell appearance (rather than simply a brown blur) on your nails. I practiced the method on nail tips until I got it correct to understand how it works. Certainly, it took some time, but the result (the lovely sheen) was well worth the wait.


So here are my top recommendations for getting the perfect Tortoiseshell nails:


  • Maintain a neutral palette that resembles natural tortoiseshell colors. Rather than attempting to imitate a manicure, you saw on Instagram, Google a photo of a tortoiseshell. Use sheer or jelly polishes or gels to achieve a more realistic texture. To achieve that cool translucent effect, consider adding a layer of topcoat between the patchy layers.
  • Imperfection is beautiful. What’s amazing about this nail design is that there’s space for mistakes, and even if it’s a little crooked, it’ll still look fantastic.
  • Less is more in this case. Fewer spots (black Tortoiseshell dots) on the nail surface appear better than too many. When there are too many, it might seem cluttered and sloppy. So try to limit yourself to 4 – 6 locations per nail.
  • An excellent foundation for nail art. While the design is adorable on its own, it also serves as an excellent foundation for more complicated nail art. Simply place a few white Palm leaves, Stripes, or Aztec stickers on top of your tortoiseshell to instantly improve it.

That concludes the top techniques for stunning Tortoiseshell nails! If you’re familiar with the technique but still having trouble, try these hints the next time you try the cheeky Tortoiseshell and see how you go. If you struggle finding products for this amazing nail art try a beauty supply store in Orlando that gives high-qualityNowdaily and completely hygienic products for a manicure.

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