Things You Need to Know Before Starting the 24 hour Gym

Staying fit and healthy requires a healthy diet, time, determination and dedication in the gym. Time is a big issue for most working professionals. After leaving the office, first of all, they want to come home before hitting the gym. However, it often gets too late. 

You can serve these clients by opening a 24 hour gym. This is also good for your business as you can serve more clients. However, you also need to answer some questions related to practicality, accessibility, security and safety. You can get a 24-hour fitness policy to protect your business. However, you need to do more than that. 

Check out the following factors that needs to be considered before starting the 24 hour gym:

  • Demand

Do you want to run your gym in an area where the majority of people have 9 to 5 jobs? Do your existing clients often arrive late and request you to keep the gym open for an extra 15 to 30 minutes? Don’t take this step without a customer survey. 

  • Costs 

No doubt that you will be making more money after opening a 24-hour gym. However, you may have to apply for a license to run your gym 24 hours a day. You will have to spend more on your 24 hour fitness policy. There are costs of extra security at night. You need to hire additional training staff for night shifts. 

  • Security

People feel safer during the busiest hours when they have people around. As your gym will be open 24 hours a day, you need to have some extra security measures in place. This is important for the safety of your gym and your clients. You have the option of a 24 hour fitness policy. However, you can save money on insurance if you have proper security measures in place. You can increase security by using a door detective. This prevents unauthorized access to the facility when you have no staff in the gym. Install extra CCTV cameras.   

  • Insurance

Your regular insurance policy may not provide proper coverage when you are running your gym 24X7. You need 24 hour gym insurance. There are some insurance companies offering tailored insurance policies for 24 hour gyms in Australia.  

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