Reach Your Weight Loss Goals by Avoiding the Super Model Crisis

We are surrounded by unrealistic body images, that can make losing weight a frustrating endeavor. Take the current state of social media that is saturated with the supermodel types. We see them everywhere. They are unavoidable. While they can feel motivating at times, for many, they set the bar so high, most people quit their exercise and nutrition plan almost before they begin. After all, if getting and staying extremely lean is the cultural ideal, why bother? Right?

Most models, especially those in the glamour industry, have an unhealthy and unrealistic physique. In addition, a person’s bone structure can greatly affect their potential appearance. The focus should be on relative leanness AND HEALTH, which everyone can achieve.

It boils down to your personal goals. For a few people, the fitness model figure may be attainable. But for most folks, it is outlandish and unnecessary. Our goals must be realistic and fall into a category that allows us to make healthy and permanent life-long changes.

As you meet your short-term goals and get closer to your long-term achievement, you may need to adjust and raise the bar. For now, let’s lower your body fat percentage, heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol and increase your muscle mass, confidence, metabolism, and fitness level.

“But where do I begin?”

Set yourself up to succeed by choosing small, attainable goals. This will ensure you are healthy, motivated, and on the right track. Once you reach your first goal, re-evaluate and set new goals. A great first goal may be to make it to the gym for a week or begin a food journal.

Without clear goals, you will be embarking on a journey without a map. Without a map, you could easily get lost, sidetracked, or end up taking much longer to reach your destination. We know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Keep your weight loss in line by monitoring and adjusting your goals.

Put your goals into writing. Then put them where you can see them often. Great places are on the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator or snack cupboard (get rid of it), or on the dashboard of your car.

Share your goals with people you can trust. Don’t ask them for their advice. Instead, make it clear that you are sharing something important to you and you need their support.

Goal setting is just one step in the process to gain control over your nutrition and achieve healthy weight loss. You can check out several more proven nutrition coaching tips at but it all starts with realistic and balanced fitness and health expectations.

The more you see and hear it, the more likely you will believe it. When you believe it, you can become it. In the words of Rich Devos, “The only thing that stands between a person and what they want from life is often the will to try it and the faith to believe it’s possible.”

As long as your weight loss goals are YOURS, they are realistic for your body, age, and background, you pursue them for the right reasons, and you keep them in balance with the rest of your life, they are within your reach.

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