What You Need to Help You Succeed: Create a Productivity System that Works for You

Goals help you grow, right? How often do you create a set of goals and never reach them? It is probably safe to assume that many of the goals people set throughout their lives, however big or small, never come to fruition.Productivity System

You might know some people that don’t have goals. Why could that be? Could it be because people have become accustomed to not reaching their major or minor goals that even taking the time to set them seems like a waste?

That could be true, but despite that, there ARE people who accomplish their goals every single day. They set goals, meet them, and continue to grow through setting more.

How do they do that? What healthy habits and productivity systems have these people set up for themselves that help them succeed?


They Focus

Multitasking may seem like the king of succeeding and completing what you need, but science says otherwise. Science actually says that multitasking is not even possible.

You are never actually doing two things at once. Your brain is just flipping between multiple things and is taking turns working on them. This seriously impedes create productivity and creativity.

Mono-tasking, or working on one thing for a set amount of time, will help improve both the quality of your work and the quantity of what you are able to get done.


They Set Short, Realistic Goals

Make sure your goals are organized into small tasks. If one of your goals is “Finish my project”, break that up into the ten or however many steps it will take to finish the project. Each step will become a goal and those goals will be able to be crossed off one after the other. Completing those steps will feel amazing and motivate you to complete more.


They Create a Space for Their Goals

There are two kinds of spaces for setting and reaching goals. These kinds of spaces typically look different for personal and professional goals. The two spaces may overlap between personal and professional at times, but they are two different kinds of spaces.

The first kind of space is a physical space. Literally, a space where you can sit or stand and finish your tasks in peace and clear of distractions. You need a clean, organized space to be able to mono-task.

The second kind of space is a personal space. It is a space you allow around and inside yourself and your mind to make mistakes and learn as you grow. The presence of this kind of space allows you to keep setting goals for yourself even when you may have not met others on time.

You need this personal space because all humans make mistakes and miss their goals. Having space where you can say to yourself “It is ok. I can try again tomorrow!” gives you more chances to succeed. The more chances you give yourself to succeed, the more likely you are to reach any one of your goals.Productivity System


Being Productive is Not Complicated

Sure, setting and reaching your goals can be overwhelming, but if you break it down into its individual parts as part of your productivity system, it’s not complicated. Take your time, focus, and allow yourself to make mistakes and miss your goals. Then forgive yourself, get up, mono task, find your space, and keep going.

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