Things that you probably should not be putting on your face

Skincare is a difficult concept. Not everyone is well versed in this science, and therefore, many people rely on the internet, their friends or family, social media, magazines, and digests to look up newer ways to improve their skin. Skin specialist in Lahore

To be honest, the plethora of problems that affect the skin from texture to blackheads to uneven tone to acne, and much more, leave no choice but to stay in the constant quest for the miracle potion or trick that will give you supermodel looks. 

Then, there are the sheer types of things you can put on your face. Many of the tips can employ ingredients from your kitchen, whereas others prefer using skincare products. The world of cosmetology opens door to a completely new world. 

Therefore, it is understandable that a layperson can feel overwhelmed by the wealth of information. But in this confusion, it is not okay to simply slather your face with random things. From contact dermatitis to rashes to texture, the consequences can be grave.  

When in doubt, it is best to consult the Skin specialist in Lahore. A doctor can guide you better as to which product to use, and how to use it. In the meanwhile, steer absolutely clear of the following products:


Lemon Juice

Lemon is a common ingredient in DIY skin remedies. Unfortunately, it is not very safe to put on your skin. Lemon is acidic in nature, so it can lead to stinging on the skin, and can also lead to the rash formation. 

Lemon also contains a compound called psoralens. This can react when exposed to UV radiation that is present in the sunlight. This reaction, known as phytophotodermatitis, causes burns or rashes on the skin. 

As your facial skin is delicate, lemon juice, therefore, is not simply worth it. 

Coconut oil smells good, but it is still not a good enough reason to put it on your face. Although coconut oil is a great moisturizer for your body, but it can clog the pores on your skin as it is high in fats. 

Clogged pores lead to all sorts of skin issues, from acne to zits to black and whiteheads. Thus, it is better that you use moisturizer other than coconut oil 


Body lotion 

Working under the assumption that body lotion is in fact, a lotion, it is safe for facial use as well, many people do not have qualms about using body lotion on their face. This assumption is rather fallacious.

Most of the body lotions contain scent, something not at all suitable for your face. Moreover, these lotions are not aimed at dealing with the rather delicate facial skin. They are thick in consistency, leading to clogged facial pores. 

So, leave the body lotion for the body! Skin specialist in Lahore


Baking Soda 

Hailed as a versatile ingredient, baking soda is great for many things, but just not your face, contrary to what you might read or hear otherwise. 

Due to its alkaline nature, application on the face disturbs the pH of the skin, causing breakouts etc. 



Many a time it’s convenient to just use one ingredient to wash your face and hands with, but the tradeoff is poor health of your facial skin. Soap bars are strong and alkaline in nature. They strip off the natural oils present on the skin, leaving skin exposed and dry. Inflammation, dryness, itching can also ensue as a result. 

So, let yourself be inconvenienced some as you wash your hands with soap, and face with facewash!



Mayonnaise is often used as a hair mask, and that’s perfectly fine. However, for face, it’s a big no-no. 

It’s acidic in nature and leads to skin clogging on the pore. Stick to using mayonnaise for the hair mask or cheeseburger. 



We all have seen the DIY videos that involve putting liquid glue on the nose and then peeling it to pull out the blackheads. 

Not only is this unsafe, as you are stressing out your skin and exposing it to chemicals that are never even propagated for use on the face, but the glue can actually pull at your skin. The blackheads will most likely stay put, leaving you just with pain



Sugar scrubs are good, but not for your face. Sugar crystals are very coarse and thus can be harsh for your thin facial skin. It can therefore lead to tears in the facial skin and this damage can simply be avoided by using less-abrasive scrubs. The chemical ones are much better an alternative. 

To know which chemical exfoliant is safe for your skin, you can consult skin specialist in Karachi. 

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