Handmade Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friends

Among everyone in our lives, our friends have one of the significant roles in formulating our personalities. They stand by us through every thick and thin, guide us when we are stuck, scold us when we are wrong and party with us as we succeed. True friends go way beyond their league to make us feel loved and happy. As we grow older and feel trapped while discussing our personal lives with our parents, they become our family, supporting and uplifting us in every way possible. They are an escape route from every wrong going on in our lives, as they give us a reason to smile and live every second beautifully.

Handmade Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friends

We should always dig out ways to make them feel special as every relation moves both ways. You have to put in effort and respect to gain the same from your friends, and if they don’t invest back, they might not be the ones to be in your circle. Birthdays are the special days that celebrate the existence of an individual. If you have a friend whose birthday is just around the corner, surprise them with something that symbolises your love and devotion towards your bond with them. Even if you opt to send flowers in Bangalore at their doorsteps, it will be a massive deal for them, just because no matter how far you are, you have them in your thoughts. Gift them some handmade customised gifts to make this day extra special for them and your friendship.

Handmade Card or a Scrap Book:

A handmade card is something that we have made since our childhood. We have made them for our teachers on teacher’s day, for our mothers on mother’s day and our friends on friendship day. This year surprise your best friend with a handmade card that you have put all your heart into making. You can install all your creativity in this beautiful gift with pictures and friendship quotes. If you have a few extra hours in hand, you can even go for creating a Scrapbook for your best friend. You can add different milestones in their lives on different pages of this scrapbook.

Dream Catcher:

Dream catchers have been used for ages to ward off nightmares for the kids. They have also come to being used as lucky charms in every household these days. You can create a beautiful dream catcher using your friend’s favourite colours. Use beautiful crochet for the middle of the ring, and it will be straightforward to complete this dream catcher in no time. Dream catchers are the symbol of good luck and positivity, so as you present this gift to them, you can write a small note for them mentioning how they have positively changed your life.

Customised Video:

In this digital age, videos present as a great gift especially customised self-made videos. Videos can be preserved for a more extended period and can be shared easily compared to the physical form of gifts that one could opt for. When we talk about videos, they touch our visual senses and our hearing senses, providing a more positive and effective impact on the birthday person. You can include voice notes, quotations, fun videos of both of you together, and so much more in a single video. When you plan to show them the final version, make sure the environment is relatively and stable so that he/she can feel every moment of the video.

Friendship Bracelets:

Friendship bracelets take us back to the time we were just kids. Remember how we used to make those beautiful friendship bands to celebrate the friendships we had at that time. Spice things up a bit and create a beautiful name bracelet for your friend. You can send birthday flowers online and pair them up with a handmade bracelet to make this birthday memorable. You can get various beads and small hangings for the bracelet and create your customised one for your best friend. Every handmade gift is unique because it takes time and efforts to create one, which usually people don’t have these days. You can even create one for yourself so that both of you can have something to remember each other as you drift apart due to any of your future requirements.  

Dive down in the world of craftiness and let your creative hands get to work. A handmade gift might take many efforts, but it cuts the best gift ever. If you think that you might not have enough time to invest in a handmade gift, you can always opt for something online. Why no gift your friend in Bangalore some pretty flowers. Just look for online florists in Bangalore, and you might just land on some good websites to make this day memorable for him/her. Birthdays give us a great opportunity to mend our relationships, so don’t let this special day go by without a good celebration

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