What are Best Certifications for Data Scientists?

The job and work of a data scientist are the best, but do you know how a data scientist gets hired? All recruiters go through every detail before hiring someone for the position of a data scientist. Skills are the main factor and after that come data science certifications.


Data analytics certifications

Data analytics certifications provide you with proof of the qualities and knowledge you possess. If you have achieved excellence in the field and got the best credentials, no one can stop you from being hired as a data scientist. The data scientist is one of the most popular jobs in IT. Companies are increasingly relying on data and are eager to hire data professionals who understand the information the company collects. Data science certifications are a great way to gain an advantage because they allow you to develop hard-to-find skills in the desired industry. They are also a way to validate your skills so that recruiters and hiring managers know what they are getting if they hire you. As data science becomes more important to humanity, the growing demand for competent data scientists in various industries is quite natural.


Data Science is a complex field involving vast concepts, tools, techniques, approaches, methodologies, and so much more. It is one of the most passionate career avenues at the moment, without a doubt.  While you can jump right into the data science scene, it is advisable to learn about data science in detail beforehand. Some of these are free, while a few have a small price. Ultimately, it all depends on what your goal and path in data science are. There are several reasons to get a certificate in your data science career; some may be more direct, like a data science certificate, or a more indirect like Python programming.


With face-to-face teaching and learning less prevalent, even before the current state of the world, the concept of online learning was not there. Today, it is a requirement to learn online for becoming a successful data scientist or data scientist applicant. While in the past online programs and certifications seemed to have less consideration, now employers are waiting for them to show those same employers how willing you are to advance your skills, no matter where you are in your career.

Whether you are looking to obtain a certification from an accredited university, gain recent graduate experience, or demonstrate your knowledge of data analytics, here are the few best big data certifications that will work for you


1. Certified Analytics Professional

The Certified Analytics Professional is a vendor-independent certification that validates your ability to “transform complex data into valuable information and action,” that is what companies are looking for in a data scientist.

You will need to apply and meet specific criteria before giving the associated CAP level exams. At least three years of experience required. Associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP) is an entry-level analytics certification for big data analytics certification which focuses on the seven domains of the analytics process: business problem framing, analytics difficulty framing, data methodology assortment, deployment, and lifecycle management. To pass the aCAP exam. You will need a master’s degree and less than three years of related data or analytics experience. Data


2. Analyst Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA)

The Data Analyst Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) certification demonstrates your ability as a SQL developer to extract and generate reports in the Cloudera CDH environment using Impala and Hive. SQL developer skills will allow you to extract, model, manage, analyze and work with data directly from the source as a data scientist. During the 120-minute exam, there will be eight to twelve problems with a single dataset and group of CDHs. Also, the ability to analyze each question gets tested.


3. Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Senior Data Scientist (SDS)

The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Senior Data Scientist (SDS) certification program is for professionals with five or more years of research and analytics experience. Students need to know databases, spreadsheets, statistical analysis, SPSS / SAS, quantitative methods, and the basics of RDBMS and object-oriented programming. The program includes five tracks that will attract different candidates – each has different types of requirements in degree level, work experience, and prerequisites for applying. You will need at least a bachelor’s degree and more than five years of data science experience. To be eligible for each track, while others require a master’s degree or past certifications.


4. Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification Program

Dell EMC offers a certification associated with data science. It promises a practical approach. It is called “the most comprehensive training and certification program in the industry”. As soon as you pass this certification as a data scientist, you are considered a “proven professional”. It is now clear to managers and recruiters that you have the necessary skills they want in a data scientist. Therefore, it offers an associate-level and more advanced specialist level.


5. Google Professional Data Engineer Certification

The Google Professional Data Engineer certification is best suited for those who have a basic understanding of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), have the designing experience, and managing solutions with GCP. The exam will test your skills in designing, building, securing, and using machine learning models and data processing systems. At least three years of business experience is essential.


6. IBM Data Science Professional Certified

The IBM Data Science Professional certificate consists of nine courses in data science, open-source tools, data science methodology, Python, database. And SQL, data analytics, machine learning, and a conclusion of practical data science. The course takes place online via Coursera with flexible hours and takes an average of three months to get completed. But it can also take more or less time. It includes hands-on projects to help you create a portfolio to showcase your data science talents to potential employers.


As they say, there is no better time like now! Data science is multiplying right now, with no signs of letting up anytime soon. You don’t need all these courses or certificates to become the best data scientist. However, they can all work to be successful in different ways. Therefore, it is best to make the most of it now.

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