Try these Easy to Make Snacks if you Enjoy Spicy Food

As the party planner of the family, it’s easy to be worried about every small aspect of that upcoming bash until it’s finally time for the guests to arrive. With everything else battling for your attention, who needs the extra stress setting aside enough time to put hours into the food spread? 


Everyone has come to love all those spicy, snackable staples your shindigs are known for and without even needing time on your side you can still wow the crowd with a few flavors they didn’t know they needed. 

Roasted Chickpeas

Not everyone is going to have chickpeas laying around in the cupboard but that’s likely all you’ll need besides what’s already on your spice rack. There should be no issue finding these wherever you like to shop, so no need to go too out of your way. Once you have enough chickpeas on hand, you’ll have to get the oven nice and preheated and then you are a good bit of the way done. 


Before throwing them in the oven, give them a solid layer of olive oil and next take whatever ways you love to bring some heat to your cooking. Things like cumin or any kind of pepper are always going to take these flavors to the next level. All you’ll have to do is let them roast for 30-60 minutes, then you’ll have a snack everyone is going to love.

Pepper Jelly Dip

Whether you are on time or things are really looking last minute, making room for pepper jelly on the snack table is never something to overlook. When it’s your friends and family, no one knows them better than you so think about what they’ll love and make a dip that’ll have everyone making repeat trips to that snack table. 


Keeping this in your mind is the real secret to melting stress away, whether that’s coming from lack of time or a need to please. Think of it as a base for the rest of a snack and let your creativity do the remainder of the work. 


A safe option, for those new to spicy snacks or those looking to keep things classic, is to pair pepper jelly with some cream cheese and your favorite brands of crackers and chips.

Spicy Snack Mix

Not all too different here than the chickpeas in the way to spice these up, but what’s different is all the options anyone can come up with. When thinking about the perfect snack, everyone might have some differences in mind, but there’s plenty of solid choices everyone likes. Grab a handful of those salty favorites and throw them together. For those that are really low on time, even the premixed stuff will do you just fine.


After everything you need is in a mixing bowl, bring out the olive oil once again and give everything a light, yet thorough coating, and throw a generous helping of whatever spices are always a hit for you and yours. The only thing to consider is that there’s already going to be quite the amount of salt in here so it might be wise to go a little lighter in that regard.

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