Canada visa application online 2022


What is a Canada visa application online? Canada visa application is an immigration process which you need to if you want to travel to Canada for work or as a student even if you are going on holiday. As a part of its agreement with the united states in 2015. They started a program called visa waiver programmer for certain visa countries. This program is only needed if you are not a Canadian citizen or you are traveling internationally to Canada for any work or as a student as we mentioned. Today this article will tell you about everything you need to about the visa applicationand how you can apply for the visa. On top of that what kinds of documents are needed to apply for the visa application.

About Canada visa application

Now that we have that out of way somehow does this process work? This Canada visa application is a replacement for paper bases process. This day’s most applicants can complete the visa application within 5 minutes and they are discouraged by the Canadian government. All you need is an internet-connected computer with all the documents you need to upload and a credit/debit card to pay the fees online. Once you have filled out the form and uploaded all the documents it will take 72 hours.

The decision of this application is provided by email. Once they have the outcome you have to keep the email as a record and need to print it out. You don’t need any physical stamp on your passport because the staff will check it online on the computer by the passport number. Note that you must fill in the details which are given as per the passport on the site form.


Now that you have information about how you can apply for a Canada visa online. Let us tell you who can apply for the visa? There are 4 types of visas you can apply for and it depends on the reason you are traveling to Canada. Please note that the documents can be different as per the types of visa you are applying for. The first one of the most common types of visa is a traveling visa. This visa grants you permission to stay in Canada for 6 months and usually, this type of visa is applied when you want to go on holiday. The second types are layover or transit visa.

Whenever you are traveling from point A to B and there is a hold in Canada you can get this visa for a short period till your next flight. The third visa is a business visa which includes meetings, educational conferences, or any affairs of an estate. The fourth and last visa is a medical treatment visa which is very rare because you need to prove that the treatment you are going for is not done in your country. It usually takes 72 hours for them you contact you for the visa decision. Click the website, you try the Canada visa application.


Well, this should answer all your questions on Canada visa application. You can apply for visa applications online from everywhere with a valid passport and your documents. For more details check the site and what documents you need to upload.

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