How Often Should Your Commercial Property Be Cleaned?

Every business is complex, with their own unique set of needs. With differences in every commercial space, determining how often your space needs cleaning can be challenging. However, regular cleaning is a key part of maintaining a healthy workspace.  

Utilising professional cleaning services, such as the packages offered at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Service, ensures your Commercial Space on the Gold Coast is healthy, clean and good looking!

The Benefits of Professional Commercial Cleaning

One of the most important yest overlooked aspects of running a business is ensuring it remains clean and well kept. Hiring a professional cleaning company to help with regular cleaning and maintenance offers a host of benefits that can only improve your business. These include:

  • Save precious working time
  • Ensures thorough cleaning
  • Long-term benefits and affordability

[H3] Maintaining a Clean Space

While it can be a daunting chore, especially for large businesses, a regular office cleaning schedule should be maintained. Where daily cleaning tasks helps to promote a general level of cleanliness and well being, regular professional cleaning ensures the space is fully cleaned and disinfected from top to bottom.

First impressions matter and the appearance of your space has a direct effect on both employees and customers. A clean space encourages employees to be more productive, instils confidence and trust in customers, all while reducing the risk and spread of illness.

The frequency of professional cleaning and disinfection depends on a number of factors including, the size of your property, the number of employees and visitors it sees on a daily basis and more. 

Customers And Employees

The number of people who work in your business each day, including visitors and clients are an important consideration when determining how often a commercial space should be cleaned. While industrial spaces who don’t receive visitors often may not need as frequent a clean, bathrooms, food preparation areas and spaces that see visitors and clients should be cleaned at the end of every work day.  

While spot cleaning and dusting is a good way to remove surface dirt, regular professional commercial cleaning is crucial to ensuring the space clean and disinfected.

The Type Of Business

The frequency of commercial cleaning is also determined by the type of business. Where schools and restaurants need daily cleaning, office spaces can be cleaned less often. Public spaces like reception areas may not need frequent cleaning, but having them clean and well kept is beneficial to both the business and those who visit it.

What Needs To Be Cleaned

Every area and space in a commercial property is unique and often have a different set of cleaning needs. Daily bathroom cleaning is imperative on any cleaning checklist – even if it doesn’t receive heavy foot traffic. No visitor, employee of client wants to use a dirty restroom!

Much like a bathroom, daily cleaning and regular deep cleaning is essential for any food-preparation and kitchen space. This is to eliminate bacterial growth and food spoilage. 

As visitors come and go, many will track in dirt, dust and debris. Overtime this will dirty floors and stain carpets, contributing to the “dirty” look space, even if spot cleaning has occurred.

Keep Your Commercial Space Clean With Sunshine Eco

When deciding how frequently to schedule your professional commercial cleaning. It is clear that a clean and fresh work environment keeps employees, clients and visitors healthier.

Sunshine Eco Cleaning is a leading company for commercial cleaning on the Gold Coast. With highly trained professionals and high-quality equipment and superior. Sunshine Eco Cleaning specialise in medium to large commercial properties, office buildings, sporting facilities, body corporate and shopping complexes on a regular cleaning schedule. Keeping your commercial space clean has never been easier!

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