Know Your Way Around Getting Canvas Prints at The Best Prices Possible

Canvas prints or pictures printed on a canvas are a highly versatile option for decorating your house interiors. Custom canvas prints are customizable, giving you the flexibility to customize them according to suitable specifications. The ability to customize your products can help you get the best deals for your products even without sales and discounts.

If you are looking for canvas prints online and trying to get cheap canvas prints, you will be pleased to know that canvas prints are cheap in general. It is one of the USPs of the product that can provide a plethora of options without costing several hundred dollars.

There are always tips and tricks that can help you save money. In this case, being well aware of the product you are purchasing, and the different available options can help you choose the best product and save money.

So, if you are interested in how you can save a few more bucks on canvas prints, follow along to know-how. Let’s explore the possibilities.

Ideas for Getting Cost-effective Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a beautiful way for you to decorate your house. Interestingly, it is always possible to save a few more bucks on such beautiful decorative items, if you are willing to creatively add some efforts.

a. You can save money on the canvas cloth.

The canvas prints are printed on a canvas cloth. The canvas cloth is one of the first items on which you can save money. Different sellers of canvas print provide various canvas cloths that have varying effects on your canvas print.

The canvas print can not replicate the look of a picture printed on glossy paper. It can, however, create a difference in the price point of the product based on the canvas the seller is providing you.

A premium canvas can be great for the texture and the feel of the canvas and do good for the best vibrant print. But the difference between a cheaper alternative and a premium option is not hell and heaven. So, if you are on a budget and want to try out the product, you can safely go for the cheaper alternatives to save a few bucks.

The difference in the canvas cloth might not be crucial to you if you have the purpose of your purchase fixed in mind as some purposes do not require a very premium canvas cloth for the best results.

b. Learn about your requirements of display mechanism

The display mechanism means the way the canvas print is attached to your wall or the way it is put on display. This is just a given some options cost over the other ones. This is one of the places where you can not entirely compromise. The way you can save money in this part is by comparing the prices over several sellers to find the best price.

Another way you can save money is by selecting a cheaper alternative for the display mechanism material. This will help you to stay inside your budget. This advice is entirely dependent on the type of requirement you have and how you can fulfill your requirements without busting the bank.

c. How you can save money on frames

When you are buying a canvas print, you pay for the frame as well. All prints are mounted on a wooden frame customized to other materials, such as metal or plastic. This can be one of your main saving points. If you are handy or arrange for a frame of the required size, you can opt for and buy a rolled-up canvas print, which will cost you less.

Rolled-up canvas prints come printed on the canvas but are sold without the frame. A little DIY adventure can get you hooked up with a frame in no time. That can help you save some money and also have a more personal touch on the personalized product.

Apart from the frame on which the canvas is attached, canvas print-sellers also provide additional frames that you have to pay for separately. In case you are not in the utmost need of it, you can skip adding a frame to your purchase and save some money as well.

d. Be aware of the cost of image customizations.

Most canvas print-sellers online provide you with options for customizing your images. These options are shown to add filters over your photos or get them printed in any particular artistic style. Suppose you are sure about getting your image printed in a unique artistic style. You can render that with a plethora of free editing software available today.

This way, you can save your money by directly uploading the edited image for printing. This can be a big game-changer for you monetarily if you are on a tight budget or you just are fond of saving money. The image customizations most of the canvas art sellers provide can be recreated for free through various apps and software. So, it is unwise to spend extra money on getting it done through the canvas art printers.

e. The hidden cost of Lamination when purchasing canvas prints

Lamination is a feature that most canvas print-sellers provide at an additional cost. This provides a thin layer of lamination over your canvas to help protect it. This, however, will reduce some of the authentic feels of the canvas that people might want. It comes with its benefits but also at an extra cost.

The benefits it provides are increased lifespan, protection against discoloration over time, and dust. If these factors are not the most important for you, you can skip getting the lamination and save money there.


Canvas prints are a well-priced item that is available at really lucrative prices for you to avail. The methods discussed in this article are aimed to help you make an informed decision about your purchases when you are getting a canvas print. Saving money requires some effort from the buyer too. So, if you are willing to hustle, you too shall be rewarded with the sweet gift of savings.

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